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Ladies, gents, let us take you back in misty time to August 2007. Back in those far-off days we, the FlashBrighton kru, came up with the idea of coding our own virtual bots and having them battle each other in a virtual arena. A kind of 'Flash Robot Wars', a lean, mean, screen-based digi-battle where everyone gets to create their own code-bot with AS3 and let it fight to the virtual death against everyone else's. People said it couldn't be done, people said it shouldn't be done... some cruel souls even said it had already been done and put on the BBC years ago. But RITTLE-RATTLE-PISH to all that, it's time for ACTIONSCRIPT 3 ROBOT WARS !!!

That's right kids, load up your A.K, oil your chainsaw and open your copy of 'Essential ActionScript 3' at "Appendix XIIVIMCX: How to build a kick-*ss AS3 Fighting 'Bot" cos it's time to get in the virtual ring! One of the first things you encounter in said appendix is the interesting fact that coding an AS3 fighting bot will "greatly improve your skills in AS3, object-oriented coding practices and understanding of artificial intelligence". That's cool isn't it? We get to be better coders, more intelligent and all-round good eggs by beating seven shades of virtual *&^% out of each other. FANTASTIC!

We were just about to book Craig Charles for the session when we got an EVEN BETTER OFFER. FlashBrighton's own master of Kung-Sprite Joe Chung is going to run the show. The project is it's infancy so at this early stage next week's meeting is just a casual discussion about how we will go about coding and organising it all. So, if you wanna be influencing this kewl project from the start, don't miss your chance and REGISTER NOW!

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