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Ashot bets Hepp that one year from today Flash (as a platform for building rich internet applications) will be a "joke".

Ashot says people will still use Flash for many things, including light applications, but common popular agreement among engineers will be Flash is a toy and not well suited for heavy lifting Internet applications. Instead, Ashot insists Silverlight will be considered THE platform of choice for RIA engineering.

Who will win in this battle of the ages? Both are hardcore Flash junkies, but one is certainly more fanboy than the other.

Event specifics:
This event is open to the public from 3:00PM to 4:00PM, and is limited to the first 100 people who show up.
Refreshments and snacks will be made available.
Event attendees will determine who wins the wager.
What you will see: Ashot and Hepp, standing before you, exchanging cash.
What you might see: A speech from Hepp or Ashot, a demo of Silverlight or Flash apps, and maybe another prediction by Ashot.

Added by benlong on May 22, 2007



technology doesnt move that fast.... youre gonna eat your 100 bucks noob.


Damn it, where was I when Ashot was coughing up money?


visionaries are always mocked


i like that ashot isn't attending this event


is there a way to vote? attending vs. watching?


How does this even get measured? Most developers today think that Flash is "a toy and not well suited for heavy lifting Internet applications". That's unlikely to change in a year.

OTOH, if this is truly a Flash vs. SilverLight thing (as the event title suggests), there's no questions that Ashot will win.



You're right.. we need a way for this to get decided. I'll talk to Hep and Ashot and get them to agree on some type of arbitration.


Um, maybe its Flash Vs. Silverlight Vs. the Web? I'd put my money on the web and tech like Ajax.


Hypercard all the way baby!


does anyone know the ubiquity of Silverlight vs. ubiquity of Flash? No way Silverlight wins this one. I want to double down $200 on Flash.


little more than a month left . . . i still don't have silverlight installed.


lol - Silverlight is an amazing platform - and I definitely see a very good future; but this is too short term. Lol, Technology moves too slowly - except with Flash Video - lol - nice job YouTube :-p




For his encore, Ashot will be betting that BASIC makes a spectacular comeback and takes over the web in 10 years time.


I wonder what proportion of web apps will be written in VB.Net by then...


Silverlight... me cry now in corner like little boy


what a ridiculous thing to say. It's all about what's going on on the back-end. Flash on the front end is more than capable of doing 'heavy-lifting' when supported by good code - in any language - on the back end.


Microsoft Prefers Flash to Silverlight - http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/blog/080509-105719

@aral - Too Funny!!!


Silverlight will toooootally win - as soon as there an IDE for OS X.


@cypherkin - what part of youtube was new technology? flash video has been around for years and years and comes standard on most machines at this point, which is why youtube was able to take off. new ideas catch fire and take off, new technology takes a while to catch because corporations take a while to get on board business-wise, not because the actual technology isnt there -- ask anyone who's ever worked in the mobile market.


I was busy starting a startup. What happened?


it happened that $100 went to flash and I was the only non-yahoo employee in the crowd. ;)