Pelham Street
Brighton, England BN1 4FA

The lights go down, the popcorn is ready, and that bloke with the massive hair has just sat down in front of you.

Except that this is not a real cinema, so there won't be popcorn. And people with big hair won’t be allowed in (or at least they'll be told to sit at the back).

Because this is a very special night : 'THE FLASH FILM CARNIVAL O FUN'. Where we will be screening new and exciting Flash shorts from round the world and exciting your senses with funny and odd films for your delight.

We're showing films from Dog Toons of the USA, the pilot to new hot flash kids series 'Big City Birds' from Ridd Sorensen, crazy Canadian short 'Turkey Legs' by Scott Macdonald and classicly beautiful flash short the YU YU by Adam Philips. I am also currently in discussions with many more top short film makers which will make this night one to remember.

Come along on the 29th of May and have a god damn sensory Carnival...


If YOU, yes YOU, have any shorts or animation you want to show to the group, get in touch and we will show it on the night!!! now is your chance to get that odd film you made years ago on the big screen...


There will also be a chance to win a Flash On the Beach ticket - an amazing Flash conference, right here in Brighton! Just by turning up!

Spaces are limited so please register here to ensure your place.

Official Website:

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can we bring popcorn for added authenticity.

go on, pleasey?



~Is a shame that a spanish series is in Spanish ¬_¬(bizarre!) cause they are really funny guys! Have a look at it.

Go here:

And click on "Capitulos" on the top. and then select any capitulo!