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Brighton, England BN1 4FA

"Urrrgh! Coding!? Why on earth would I want to get into that!? That's best left for the brainy boffins of Brighton! I'm far happier sticking with m'Wacom tablet!" - does this sound like you? Flash coding needn't be scary & can add that little bit of Flash magic to your work!

Do you have a project that could benefit from a bit of interactivity, but haven't a clue how to begin? Are you a Flash designer desperate to break out into the world of coding? Are you feeling a bit limited & left out by not knowing anything about Actionscript?

Then why not ask our hand-picked panel of friendly coding-bods!

In our "Dear Deidre" style question and answer session - you can ask our panel of Actionscript experts any techie questions to help you streamline your workflow, add that little bit of interactive magic to your projects and quash that fear of coding!

Our expert panel will answer your questions without all the technical jargon! You'll leave the session feeling like you can code a whole
game! Well perhaps not - but you may be able to wow your clients/boss with something a little bit special that puts you streets ahead of your usual designer colleagues!

Space is limited to please register here to ensure your place.

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