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Lee McColl Sylvester is is coming all the way from Bristol to see us to talk about haXe. Lee is one of the leading voices on haXe, and has spoken at LFPUG in the past about this.

haXe is an open source programming language, designed for creating interactive web applications. It is a multi platform language where you can target Javascript, NekoVM, PHP C++ and Flash.
This is what the haXe website says about targeting the Flash platform:

You can compile a haXe program to a .swf file. haXe can compile for Flash Players 6 to 10, with either "old" Flash<8 API or newest AS3/Flash9+ API. haXe offers very good performance and language features to develop Flash content.

It goes on to say -

The idea behind haXe is to let the developer choose the best platform to do a given job. In general, this is not easy to do because every new platform comes with its own programming language. What haXe provides to you is :

* a standardized language with many good features
* a standard library (including Date, Xml, Math...) that works the same on all platforms
* platform-specific libraries : the full APIs for a given platform are accessible from haXe

You can read more here: http://haxe.org/

This is going to be a very interesting topic, so come along and learn something new! :)


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I hope your going to record a video of it... or audo.. for the convicts ;P