3400 East Palm Valley Blvd
Round Rock, Texas 78664

The drafthouse says:

ALSO ON THE BILL, before Zaireeka: local rock legends PONG will be making bold use of our unique sound system for the first ever QUADROPHONIC PONG CONCERT!

Zaireeka, the album, is alternately glorious, breathtaking, exciting, fragile and ultimately frightening. An intense vision realised in the true rich Flaming Lips tradition but eschewing the guitar pyrotechnics of the past for an altogether more atmospheric (and ultimately more stunning) arsenal that leads, truly, to a step beyond. Wayne explains that he was, ".. bored of people being able to point at a part of a song and say, 'Well, that's a Nirvana influence and there's the Stooges,' and all that.." So he made a record that comes on four CDs to be played simultaneously. "Well, now no-one can say that we're doing anything that's been done before..."

Now, 8 years later, the Rolling Roadshow is taking the process one step further. We will be setting up a massive quadraphonic sound system with which to broadcast the album. In addition, we are setting up 4 outdoor 40' screens. The audience will be in the center of the screens, and there will be visual eye candy swirling in time with the music in all directions.

Standing room is limited inside the screening area, and this show is expected to sell out, so we recommend advance purchase.

Added by pusgums on July 18, 2005