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The Bay Area Flamenco Partnership presents
Direct from Spain: SON DE LA FRONTERA
A Centennial Tribute to Gyspy Guitar Legend Diego del Gastor

"The best new group I've heard this year, in any genre. A riveting tribute to the seminal flamenco master Diego del Gastor, they embrace the 'puro flamenco' tradition and succeed in making it new." - Jackson Browne

Son de la Frontera is one of Spain's most highly acclaimed flamenco ensembles. Nominated for the 2008 BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music, their innovative exploration of the cross-pollination of Spanish-based traditions with sounds from four other continents reveals flamenco's ancient Moorish and Middle Eastern heritage as well as the influence of New World sounds and rhythms —especially those of Cuba—. The group’s founder, Raúl Rodríguez, plays the Cuban tres (which is like a small guitar, with three sets of double strings), an instrument he discovered after his mother, the vocalist Martirio, was given one after performing in Cuba with Compay Segundo, lead singer of the Buena Vista Social Club. Lead dancer Pepe Torres is a polyrhythmic powerhouse who’s superb footwork provides the band’s main percussive support. Looking forward without forgetting their roots, their musical inspiration is Diego del Gastor (1908-1973) the legendary Gypsy guitarist and musical visionary from their home town, Morón de la Frontera. Both of their best-selling CDs (“Son de la Frontera” 2006 World Village and “Cal” 2007 World Village) have made top spots on critics’ picks lists around the globe.

“...rich in drama with a mesmerizing quality that is quite transcendent” - Billboard Magazine

"Flamenco puro for the 21st century: unbridled passion with electrifying Gypsy dance and an exhilarating interplay between the Cuban tres and the Spanish guitar." El Diario

"... pure acoustic music that does not rely on any studio gimmicks..., Son de la Frontera has the unique ability to remain traditional without dwelling in the past." New Times

“…scintillating... brilliantly resonant … rootsy … devilishly mature…, the profound dynamic created between tres, flamenco guitar, feet, voice and percussion ... evokes something primeval. As their name testifies, Son de la Frontera push hard and deep at flamenco frontiers.” –Songlines: The World Music Magazine.

“Son de la Frontera”, World Village, 2006
“Cal”, World Village, 2007

Representing the area's vibrant flamenco community, the Bay Area Flamenco Partnership, is a grassroots arts organization dedicated to fostering the flamenco arts in Northern California. Artistic director, Nina Menendez is considered one of the most knowledgeable interpreters of Gypsy flamenco song born in the US. Since its inception in 2004, the BAFP has produced over 35 flamenco performances and facilitated numerous cultural exchange opportunities with world-class visiting artists from Spain.

Tickets: www.ybca.org or 415) 978-2787

Official Website: http://www.laninaflamenco.com

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