Trafalgar Square
London, England WC2n

Five years after the invasion, demonstrate for troops out. London, Saturday 15 March 2008

Five years after the invasion of Iraq the world has become much more dangerous and volatile. Latest estimates suggest as many as one million have died violent deaths as a result of the occupation of Iraq. The country's infrastructure and civil society are in shreds. Brown has promised British withdrawals but there are still 5,000 British soldiers in Iraq.

Despite talk of a change of attitude to the Bush's wars, Brown is Bush's key partner in NATO's escalation in Afghanistan, and that hidden war is fast becoming a disaster mirroring that in Iraq. Meanwhile the political chaos in Pakistan is partly a product of the War on Terror and risks further military interventions. The Stop the War Coalition has joined with CND in calling a demonstration to mark the fifth anniversary of the invasion in London on Saturday March 15.

The demonstration will coincide with World Against War marches around the world agreed at the International Peace Conference in London on December 1st. It will be calling for all foreign troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and demanding there is no attack on Iran. Stop the War is asking all groups to start mobilising for this demonstration now. More details and a leaflet will be available shortly.

Note: As of Jan 5th 2008 the route and starting point has not yet been decided (it may or may not involve Trafalger Square). Will update when known.
Check the STWC web site for details.

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