New York City
New York, New York

Five Boro Bike Tour

The 2008 ride will take place on Sunday, May 4.

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Very interested in comments from riders, esp those who have done this ride. I came from Chicago; while I had fun, the ride seemed badly managed. Took 8+ hrs for 42 miles..seemed we walked, stopped, waited, walked, waited every few miles. Bottlenecks? Enormous. The start of the race required going thru a "slit" in the street, caused by WTC construction. Entry into Central Park the same. Entry onto at least one bridge ditto. Exit off the BQE ditto. We stood/walked in that line for more than an hour. Did it every occur toanyonethat 30000 folks on bikes cannot slip thru a 5-person wide slot in less than a couple of hours. What was going on?