853 Valencia (at 20th St.)
San Francisco, California 94110

Amnesia is overjoyed to present this awesome lineup this Sunday. I've been working on this one for months and it really speaks for itself.


If you're not familiar with these groups here's your unique chance for an intimate, awesome-sounding show. Read more below for descriptions and accolades. There's a lot of music so we're starting EARLY - around 8PM. They'll be plenty to listen to and plenty to get you dancing later on. Yes, the ticket price is a little high but it's well worth it and we encourage you to treat yourself on this special night.

See you Sunday!

The 23rd Jewish Music Festival and The Hub Present:

The Fishtank Ensemble, Charming Hostess and Daniel Kahn
Amnesia, 853 Valencia Street, San Francisco

Sunday, November 18, 2007 8:00

Tickets: $12-15 sliding scale at the door

Direct from Berlin – Daniel Kahn, likened to the young Bob Dylan—hits
nerves as he juggles sensibilities in the one-night only showcase of
Jewish music that rides the edge on Sunday, November 18th at Amnesia
in San Francisco. Joining him are the blazing Fishtank Ensemble, now
based in Los Angeles, and the Bay Area's own brilliant
nerdie-commie-girl band Charming Hostess.

"For those in need of having their dervish whirled, the Bay Area's
Fishtank Ensemble are the rompin', stompin' leaders of
cross-pollinated Gypsy music…We have a young band that is one of the
most thrilling live acts on the planet." –LA Weekly

The Fishtank Ensemble uses violin, saw, accordion, shamisen, flamenco
guitar, bass, percussion and voice to forge new musical territory out
of Rumanian folk music that flirts with Flamenco, Klezmer and other
folk sources www.fishtankensemble.com

"Charming Hostess makes music like no other...Thrown in with lively
North African wedding songs and Eastern European folk songs are
originals that display a proudly feminist, radical-Jewish, pro-sex
sensibility. The blend lets listeners discover whether they can think
and dance at the same time." -- The New York Times

Oakland-based Charming Hostess is three women in a whirl of eerie
harmony, hot rhythm, and radical smarts. Their music is intensely
physical, rooted in the body--voices and vocal percussion, handclaps
and heartbeats, sex-breath and silence. Charming Hostess lives where
Jewish and African Diasporas collide, incorporating doo-wop, Pygmy
counterpoint, Balkan harmony and Sufi melody.


"Daniel Kahn is the hottest damn songwriter you've never heard of.
Like Dr. John meets Leon Redbone, with the soul of John Sinclair, Kahn
is not only an amazing multi-instrumentalist/playwright/poet, he also
typifies the youthful ethos that reminds us that music without heart
is just a bunch of noise." --Metro Times

A compelling and versatile performer, Daniel Kahn plays piano, guitar,
accordion, harmonica and ukulele, frequently switching between them on
stage. From country to jazz, folk to punk, klezmer to classical, his
music transcends genre. Inspired by such artists as Tom Waits, Nina
Simone, Thelonious Monk, Woody Guthrie and Kurt Weil, Dan mixes the
bizarre, poetic, theatrical and political into a rich, potent brew.

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