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First Warm Night

Saturday, May 14th
6:27pm sharp
@ Chrystie St. and Houston St.
in the park where 2nd Ave. begins
Lower East Side (prepare to journey)

See the website for updated information, map and

This is heat + hedonism.

This is a free, un-permitted, roving renegade explosion
of music and performance, flaming hula-hoops, melting
ice cream, wanton stilt walkers, delicate poster art,
battling brass bands, renegade sound systems, fireworks
and rockets, impulsive performance, canyons of
concrete, shadows of steel, with the calm of the
waterfront against a city of dreamers.

This is wicked + whimsy.

Dozens of dedicated event makers have worked to lay the
groundwork. But this night is about you. Bring your
performance, your music, your boom box and bass drums,
bring your fire sticks, your stilts, public poetry and
private passions, bring your wicked, breathe your
whimsy, you are the performer and this is your stage.
This is the night you dream of.

This is risk + revelry.

This event is unpermitted. This is an open celebration
of liberation, an escape of the clamp-down, a
reclaiming of streets, a making of mischief and the
waking of the wild season. It's been a long dark
winter - this is our night to burn bright.

With that you should keep these IMPORTANT issues in mind:

- Call the info line for updated information
throughout the event. The number is: 212.252.2051

- Sign up at the website for text messages to keep
abreast of changes.

- Pay attention to coaxers wearing wings, they know where
to go and will be guiding you.

- This is your event as it is ours, this is a community
effort. Watch out for yourself and the people around you.

- We have legal support if anything goes awry.

- Leave no trace. Keep all garbage with you and dispose
of it in the proper place.

You need to bring: Metrocards, small gifts and
tradeables, wings, *your own drinks*, body paint,
fireworks and rocketships, water, the fire inside you,
the heat between us, the warmth on the street to
ignite, to explode.

On Weather: We have been watching the weather reports
incredibly closely for the past several weeks. All
detailed weather reports say that Saturday will be
clearing with a small chance of thunderstorms. We like
static, we like electricity, but all in moderation. We
feel in our centers that the weather is going to clear
into a gorgeously warm night with a low in the 60's,
the first weekend night it will be that warm. However,
we have no control.

If the weather takes a turn for the ugly, for the
torrential or for the apocalyptic, call the info line
(212.252.2051) check your text messages, and check your
e-mail in case of major changes to our plan of action.

Bring a jacket, this is an *all night event* and the
heat of our Saturday will cool into a crisp Sunday

This is it. This is the night you dream of.

Added by osi on May 13, 2005