Veldkant 35D
Kontich, Antwerp 2550

The Belgian MySQL User Group is organizing it's first meeting in Belgium for MySQL users.

Both professionals and interested people are welcome. Also, the language will be
English so Dutch, French and German speaking folks can follow.
The first meeting will take place at the X-Tend offices , Veldkant 35D Kontich on tuesday the 29th of August 2006

For this first meeting a general introduction about MySQL will be presented by Geert Vanderkelen of MySQL AB, Germany

Added by krisbuytaert on July 7, 2006



I'm really interested. But my english is bad and men vlaamse is meer slecht. So I wait to see if some french talker subscribe to this event. I'm try my self to promote the event on french community


I really hoped English wouldn't have been a problem. You don't have to actually speak English, understanding it should be enough.

I can speak privately with you or others in French too if you like. Personally, in public I speak mostly English now.


Yes I think try to come. I must grown my english. It's never bad if I hope to have my certification :)
( )


I will be pleased to join the group. I have been looking for a Mysql(php) user group in Belgium in order to exchange views and to learn more about those terrific and free programs.


Just FYI, we have both on and an event. In SQL talk: (SELECT * FROM UNION (SELECT * FROM -- ;)

Here is the URL:


I'm very sorry. I was waiting this moment but my car is out of service.

I hope that the little group doens't remove idea to launch a next...

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