4306 N 7th Ave
Phoenix, Arizona 85013

Artlink hosts "First Fridays" to celebrate local arts in Phoenix. We Flickr photographers can meet at Lil' Mama's for dinner and enjoy their live music. Then, at about 8:30 or 9, we can take a photo stroll along 7th Avenue where there will be street entertainment. The Exposed Studio & Gallery is right across the street from Copper Star Coffee (the venue we visited last time) and they'll have live bands, too, so there's sure to be plenty of performing and visual arts to see and photograph. Great event if you like to do night photography and street scenes.

Official Website: http://www.artlinkphoenix.com/

Added by danielgreene on October 8, 2007



I think I will be able to make it.


I am working at this time. :(

I will stop by after work (get off at 10pm) to see if you guys are still there. Is this place still open after 10pm?


Hope you can, Ivo. Antonio, I think they're open 'til 11, but we will probably leave the restaurant around 7 or 7:30 to stroll along 7th Avenue for the public art and live music (and great opportunities for night shots and street scenes). And don't forget the neon signs! =)


I think I can make it, so I'll answer in the affirmative to make it so!


Great! I look forward to seeing you there, X-Czech and gwarcita. =)


I'm so excited-- I just ordered some Moo cards made from photos I took on our Copper Star Coffee & Melrose on 7th Avenue meetup & photo stroll, and I'm going to get them in time to hand them out to people at Lil' Mama's Soul Food Cafe and on the street for this event!

Will you be there? Please click the orange "I'm Attending" radio button near the top right corner of this page.


I just spoke with Antoinette at Lil' Mama's, and she suggested that we get there shortly before the band begins to play. The band starts at 8, so I'm changing our meetup time to 7:30. There will still be "First Fridays" art and entertainment on the street until at least 10 PM, so this will work out well. It will also give you more time to get home after work and relax a bit before joining us for dinner at Lil' Mama's!


I think this would be something I would like to attend being new to the AZ area and all...Even though back home(North)when you say First Friday's you get indoors activies with dancing and the works....So needless to say I would like to attend.Hope I met some interesting people.smile


I'm thrilled! I finally got a Flickr meetup to show up in the Flickr Blog! (See Nov 2 in the COMMUNITY EVENTS sidebar?)

How did I do it? Well, I joined the Flickr group on Upcoming, created this Upcoming event, and sent the event to the Flickr group.


I want to attend but guess I will have to pass this month. The Sunday event is draining my time and finances. Perhaps, the December date will work better.