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The Barbarian Group Shows You a Better Version of Yourself at McLeod Residence
Electronic Mirrors Offer a Tease of What's to Come in July

Member Preview: Thursday, May 31, 6pm-12am
Opening Reception: Friday, June 1, 6pm-9pm

Boston interactive creative firm The Barbarian Group, known for their groundbreaking Subservient Chicken (http://www.subservientchicken.com) campaign for Burger King, presents a limited-edition series of unusual bathroom mirrors at McLeod Residence during the month of June. The mirrors are just a preview of what's to come when The Barbarian Group creates an interactive installation during the July/August exhibition cycle. The mirrors will be installed in time for June's First Friday artwalk on Friday, June 1, from 6pm – 9pm.

McLeod Mirror Series 1: See Yourself in Others are not actually made of mirrored glass, but an LCD screen housed in a wooden case with a web cam attached to the top. The camera records the viewer and creates a collage of the person's image along with images of everyone else who has stood before the mirror. The image allows the viewer to "see themselves reflected in others" in a new way. The mirrors bring a timeless bathroom product into the digital age, creating a twist on the staple that is more interesting and dynamic than the original, while perhaps pointlessly complex. The images are not recorded or archived, so the digital artwork created on the spot will never be seen again. The mirrors will be available in an edition of 100.

Join us on Friday to have a cocktail and see a better version of yourself!

Official Website: http://www.mcleodresidence.com

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