3715 Greenville Ave
Dallas, Texas

This is the first gathering for the DFW Open Coffee Club.

The DFW Open Coffee Club is an open and informal gathering place for startups, investors, media , and other beneficial people to show up and get to know each other in our local area. You can read more about the general movement here at http://www.opencoffeeclub.org/.

The even is open and welcome to all who are interested!

If you'd like to be notified of future events, please join our Yahoo Upcoming group DFW Open Coffee Club here:


Daniel Burge

Added by fifthnormal on May 25, 2007



Just happened to click over form the Ning group. Is anyone promoting this in Dallas?


Hi blakestar,

Yep, the first meeting is on Wednesday. Just to kind of kick it off and plan for the next larger one.


Daniel Burge


Hi all - I'd love to come but can't make tomorrow. Count me there in spirit and keep me posted!


This is a great idea and a much needed way for us all to connect. Thanks for setting this up!


I'm not sure I'll make it - I'm a bit under the weather (both in health and in workload). I'll keep an eye out for episode 2 though!


Thanks everyone for coming!!!! The first event was a good success. I'll schedule the time and place for the next one in a day or two!!!!!

Daniel Burge