1340 North 6th Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212

Fireseed Update

Fireseed Meeting
Time: 2:30pm-4:30ish
Date: Sunday 20th of August 2006

Location: Bucketworks
1319 North Martin Luther King Jr. Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53212–4024

Site: bucketworks.org

In the past few weeks, a lot has changed:

E3’s existence is up in the air, and everyone is making a bid for a portion of the multimillion dollar convention, from CES to new entities;

GenCon happened in Indianapolis, IN;

BarcampMilwaukee choose Bucketworks as a location and a date of September 30th - October 1st; we still have a lot to plan so if you would like to discuss it, please join us.
The barcampMilwaukee Site has been live for a few weeks now with google analytics installed and there is some amazing data to look at, this will be a good chance for anyone interested in the service to see what it can do.

Microsoft is opening up access to the XBOX360 for indy developers for 99$ per person;

A long time technologist is sponsoring a programming competition to increase the compression of wikipedia in an a attempt to promote the development of an AI. http://it.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=06/08/13/200254&from=rss

A few crazy ideas to think about:
Hack this House – a technology bent show like “while you were out,” “this old house,” or “trading places” where technologists are invited into a home to add some quick piece of radical and moderately priced technology from setting up a wifi network to installing a virtual doorman, to building a diy kegerator. The show plays off of the time/cost/production format that many of the shows on the discovery channel make use of.

A 3d playspace/ media lab – while at GenCon, Jon and I took a break and went to the Art Museum, yes, we saw real art like Rembrant, but we also got to see the XRAY room that featured a 3d display that was powered by two DLP projectors, and polarized lenses. The display featured an arty version of the doom 1 engine and a 3d landscape that you could walk through, it made the original Doom engine look cool again. The room inspired us to think of uses for it like: putting two cameras on Jon and Pehr’s remote controlled GoKart, or to visualize Jon’s reactor better with a real-time 3d display for a barcamp presentation. The idea is there, but what could you use it for? Is anyone interested in building a media lab at Bucketworks? We have a few MIT folk around here, maybe we could inspire them to help us build a media lab that rivals MIT? Maybe a 3d display has some other value to the community like art, or rapid visualization?

Upcoming Events
Milwaukee Tech Fish Fry and Brewery Tour September 8th
BarcampMilwaukee September 30th-October 1st

All dates are tentative, check the website for the latest details

Official Website: http://fireseedgroup.net

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