330 Ritch Street
San Francisco, California

It's time for Fire Eagle happy hour! Yay! We had so much fun at the last Fire Eagle afternoon delight in Austin that it's high time that we threw another one, right here in our home town, blocks from where we work. Why the heck not? There will be music, tacos, drinks and a photobooth. What does it all have to do with Fire Eagle? Does it really matter?

Join us for the happiest Thursday happy hour in August!

Update: OK. So really, this is also a launch party for Fire Eagle. All the more reason for you to come and celebrate with us!

Added by jeanniey on August 11, 2008



Aw, man... I'm missing tacos! Makes me sad to go to LA this week.


Sounds great! Congrats on the launch.


Nice work!

BTW - Anyone driving up from Sunnyvale I can catch a ride with?


Bah! I don't arrive for another couple of weeks.

Hope it goes well!