425 Second St., #300
San Francisco, California 94107

I don't know about you, but I've got about 60 draft blog posts waiting in the wings that I need to finish.

And what better incentive than peer pressure?

Join us Thursday at Citizen Space, a quaint coworking space near South Park, and pull up a chair alongside a fellow blogger and get to it!

Good coffee and small bites will be provided, so be sure to grab some dinner before coming by. Space is limited so make sure you can come if you mark yourself as attending!

Official Website: http://citizenspace.us/blog/2007/10/14/this-thursday-finish-your-drafts/

Added by factoryjoe on October 12, 2007



This is a great idea! I'd definitely come by if I were in SF. I don't have many drafts in WordPress, but there are lots of them in my head...


I was looking for a good excuse to check out the space anyway. Need to work on *my* stuff for a change!


Haha! Yeah - this seems like the kind of thing I should organize, actually :)


great idea! I won't make it but love the peer pressure, works for me every time.


Awesomeness. Might I also suggest a Facebook event if you haven't already made one?


I love the idea but can't make it to this one. Hopefully it goes well and you set up another. :)


Can't wait!


great idea Chris


this is a great idea. I need to get over my blog laziness...

Daniel Riveong

Great Idea! Plus, I'm planning on dropping by anyway!



Good blog drafts are like wine, they age to perfection as they sit and wait. Or more probably, they go bad as events and developments make their points unnecessary and yesterday's post. Have fun without me friends as I am still far far away.


I just had a look at the number of posts I've got in drafts... 162... That's just scary.

I obviously can't make it to Citizen Space, being in the wrong country and all, but I'll put some time aside this weekend to go through and cut out the irrelevant/old posts that will never see the light of day, and dig out the great ideas that should be turned into posts.


I'll email ahead to make sure space is available.


I've increased the guestlist to 20, so hopefully folks marked as attending mean it! ;)


I'll be wondering over from web 2.0 summit - anyone else walking over from the Palace and want some company?


I'll be there in spirit. Cannot make it in person unfortunately


Chris, I think you've hit on something here. It's like a mini-National Novel Writing Month. Should be a regular, cross-country event.