585 E. Frye Rd
Chandler, Arizona

Final Destination IV is a twist on a haunted house style attraction that was described by Phoenix Arizona NBC News Affiliate Channel 12 as "scary, horrifying, suspenseful, sick...." NBC 12 News had a live video feed from our annual event where hundreds waited up to two hours in line to have the hell-scared out of them. Final Destination 1, 2 & 3 were intense and No.4 is even more insane!

Final Destination IV is louder, longer, more intense and dramatic than ever before! Tickets are $10.00 at the door or available online. Fast Pass Wrist-Band which are $20.00 and are for those that want a VIP experience (with a minimal or no wait line) and more!! Fast Pass Wrist-Bands sell quickly, with a limit of 75 per day for online purchases.

Every life has a beginning...every life has an end...........what will be your Final Destination?

Official Website: http://hell101.com/Home_Page.php

Added by folkie on October 5, 2009



I went to this joke of an haunted house yesterday. I sucks so bad. Do not go it is not worth 10 bucks and waiting in the cold for 2 hours. It is presented in a church and is extremely boring. you also will get lectured on abortion and homosexuality. It is absolutly the worst haunted house ever. I was miserable and bored the entire time. At the end they try to recruit you to their church. The haunted house is also very ghetto they try to dress up the floors with tarp and put red lights in their lamps. It sucked so bad i really wish there was a way i could take back those 3 hours of my life. I could have spent it anywhere else and have had a good time. DO NOT GO. It sucks really bad


Hi everyone, here is a video of our group confronting these church staffers about their blatant lying and hate messages in the Hell House in Chandler AZ. They admit using the word "f a g g o t" and even try to grab my camera away. Please share this video with as many of your friends as possible to get the word out!