44-47 Gardner Street
Brighton & Hove, England

DATE: Sunday, January 20th 2008
PLACE: Komedia Studio Bar, Gardner Street, Brighton

Here are some programme highlights:

BENCH SLEEPING - Director Moog - 4 mins
Using hand drawn elements, digital images and shadow puppetry, this fab music video from local filmmaker, Moog, promotes a new single from Brighton band, My Little Problem.

TUG - Director David Ward - 10 mins
Set in a remote 1890s fishing village, this dark tale of retribution concerns the discovery of a young man with blood on his hands after a fight with his now missing brother. The outraged community demands revenge.

JUST ONE MORE BITE - Director Pat Garrett - 11 mins
The notorious vampire, Prince Osnovski, is interviewed in his castle by a TV crew from the Good Night show.

Official Website: http://www.finalcut.gb.com

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