109 Kings Road Arches
Brighton, England BN1 2FN

Steadfast TV are making a Documentary for the beeb about identity
theft. They want to film some laptop users, and maybe more.

However there looking for "normal" laptopers, not a collection of Sys
Admins, Linux Geeks and Cisco certified network techs....

In light of the hit and miss nature of laptoping on the beach, we're
looking to recruit some people to go down the beach and browse the web on Thursday evening weather permitting to make sure they get some people. Other wise we may need to go to a wireless pub.

If anyone's interested, or can knows people who would be (you may
learn some valuable security tips too) then please contact piertopier.net.

UPDATE: Please come along if you're interested, we'll be meeting out side the Sailing Club at 17:30. Down towards the West Pier end of the beach. Please contact piertopier.net for more info.

Official Website: http://www.piertopier.net

Added by daveph on August 6, 2007



Is it 7.30 or 17.30?