Kensington Gore
London, England SW72A

A celebration of film music including timeless classics and popular themes from some of today’s biggest blockbuster scores! Featuring music from Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Mission: Impossible and Star Wars.

With a special feature on movie greats – Chariots of Fire, Great Escape, Zulu, Deer Hunter – and a collection of famous war movie themes. Plus a tribute to multi Oscar-winner Maurice Jarre, whose scores include Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, Ghost and Witness.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Presented in association with the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund

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Added by paolability on January 9, 2008



Hard to believe that someone can put together a "celebration of film music" without any works by Herrman, Goldsmith, Korngold, any of the Newmans, Morricone, or even any of the younger bright lights such as Elfman or Giacchino.

If they must have works by contemporary British composers, can't they get George Fenton or Rachel Portman or John Powell or David Arnold, all of whom have written much better stuff for orchestra than what Debbie Wiseman and Christopher Gunning conducted?

And I can't imagine how anyone involved thought it would be a good idea to arrange 'Chariots of Fire' for orchestra -- it just didn't work at all the way they played it.

I'm afraid this concert just made me miss Jerry Goldsmith's annual concerts with the LSO even more.