22 E. 12th St
New York City, New York

BLACK GOLD - wake up and smell the coffee

Do you know where your coffee comes from?
We promise that it will never taste the same again after watching
This documentary style film which probes into the global grind
behind your indulgent Latte and asks blunt questions like:
Why does just 1 or 2 cents of the $4 we pay for designer caffeine
go to the bean farmers?

The film follows Tadesse Meskela (the General Manager of the
Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union in Ethiopia ) on his
mission to save 74,000 struggling coffee bean farmers from
bankruptcy. Against the backdrop of Tadasee's journey around the
world, trying to find buyers willing to pay fair market price, the
enormous power of the players that dominate the world's coffee
trade becomes apparent.

At the end of this film you will have a whole new understanding
of Fair Trade and you will probably view your corner coffee shop
in a whole new light, but you may also see how a single consumer
can help change the destiny of thousands of people.

The film is followed by an in-theater Q&A session hosted by Oxfam
America and attended by the films leading role Mr. Tadesse Meskela

We continue discussion at Smorgas Chef Restaurant & Lounge

- Learn more about Fair Trade, the coffee industry and what you can
Do to help, by chatting with experts from NYC Fair Trade Coalition
and Oxfam America.

- Speak up close and personal with Tadassee Meskela who will be
our VIP guest for the evening.

- Complimentary tastings of premium coffee from the Ethiopian
coffee cooperative featured in the film.

- Smorgas will prepare a special bar menu for the event. Enjoy
selected plates and drinks at discounted prices.

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