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NEW YORK THEATRICAL PREMIERE! A leftist revolutionary or a reformist democrat? A committed Marxist or a constitutionalist politician? An ethical and moral man or, as Richard Nixon called him, a "son of a bitch"? In SALVADOR ALLENDE, acclaimed Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzmán returns to his native country thirty years after the 1973 military coup that overthrew Chile's Popular Unity government to examine the life of its leader, Salvador Allende, both as a politician and a man.

Using rare archival footage, family photos, interviews with Allende's friends, professional colleagues, his daughters and other relatives, as well as UP militants, workers, journalists, his personal secretary and Edward Korry, former U.S. Ambassador to Chile, SALVADOR ALLENDE portrays the life, times and political formation of the Valparaiso-born doctor who was active in Socialist Party politics as a senator and who ran unsuccessfully for President three times before finally being elected in 1970.

OVER MORE THAN 30 YEARS PATRICIO GUZMÁN has made four epic documentaries. They form an unprecedented body of work, as historical record and as cinema. During this NY premiere of SALVADOR ALLENDE, also screening will be the three films that precede it: THE BATTLE OF CHILE (1975-1978) CHILE, OBSTINATE MEMORY (1997) THE PINOCHET CASE (2001) This is the first time that all four films are being screened together. Running from September 5 – 13.

Official Website: http://www.anthologyfilmarchives.org/

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