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After the September 11th terrorist attacks, more than 5000 people,
mainly non-U.S. nationals of South Asian or Middle Eastern origin, were
taken into custody by the U.S. Justice Department and held indefinitely
on grounds of national security. Muslim immigrants were subject to
arbitrary arrest, secret detention, solitary confinement, and
deportation. Many were denied access to legal representation and
communication with their families. During a period when the State
Department has made every effort to depersonalize these detentions,
refusing to reveal the names or even the number of immigrants detained,
the voices of those affected?their testimonials and experiences?become
our only window into the human costs of post September 11th immigration
policies. Following an unconventional format, PERSONS OF INTEREST
presents a series of encounters between former detainees and directors
Maclean and Perse in an empty room which serves both visually and
symbolically as an interrogation room, home, and prison cell. Through
interviews, family photographs, and letters from prison, the directors
have fashioned a compelling and poignant film, allowing those affected a
chance to tell their own stories. Directed by Alison Maclean and Tobias
Perse; USA 2003; 63 mins.

The Washtenaw Rainbow Action Project and the Michigan Theater proudly
present the Ann Arbor Human Rights Film Festival featuring three
selections from the Human Rights Watch Traveling Film Festival: JUVIES,
schedule and film descriptions below.

The festival is a benefit for the Washtenaw Rainbow Action Project and
the Michigan Theater. For sponsorship opportunities please contact
Jeremy Merklinger, at (734) 754-0467 or jeremy(at)wrap-up.org .

All films will be shown in the Michigan Theater Screening Room., 603 E.
Liberty, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Regular Michigan Theater ticket prices
will apply. Theater passes will be accepted.

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