15-17 Middle Street
Brighton, England BN1 1AL

This is a practical hands-on one-day workshop teaching the essentials of film camera and lighting.

Covers how to operate a digital video camera and basic lighting techniques for shooting short films, documentaries and low budget features.

Taught by an award-winning cinematographer and held in a professional film studio, this workshop goes through all the controls and menus of a Sony Z1 digital film camera.

We show you how to set up a camera, head and tripod. We show you how to operate the camera plus manually set exposure, white balance, focus, audio levels, zebra, time-code etc.

It will help you get to grips with the nuts and bolts of digital cinematography and equip you with tools that you will be able to apply to more sophisticated digital camera systems.

We will also demonstrate the 3 point lighting technique, the usual starting point in most lighting set ups. Plus demonstrate soft and hard lighting styles.

Aimed at students and people just starting out in their film and TV careers, you'll leave with a better understanding of film camera and lighting techniques giving you the confidence to shoot bigger, better and more beautiful films!

Official Website: http://www.brightonfilmworkshops.co.uk

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