209 West Houston @ Sixth Avenue
New York City, New York

Running from March 14 - March 27 • Two Weeks
Showtimes: 1:00, 3:00, 4:45, 6:30, 8:15, 10:00 • Tickets available online beginning March 7

The siege of Leningrad during WWII lasted 900 days, leaving more than 600,000 dead from starvation, bombs, disease or cold. BLOCKADE (2005, 52 min.), a compilation film based on silent footage found in Moscow’s archives (to which the filmmaker has added reconstructed sound), is an extraordinary account of life and death in a great city experiencing unprecedented hardship.

AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER (2004, 26 min.) compiles the recollections of a German private serving on the Eastern front, who, based on his diaries and photographs, was executed for war crimes after World War II.

Official Website: http://www.filmforum.org/films/blockade.html

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