323 Sixth Avenue
New York City, New York 10014

** Film + LIVE Musical Performance **

THE ORCHESTRA OF PIAZZA VITTORIO is a 5-year film diary that recounts the effort to save Rome’s illustrious Apollo Cinema theater, situated in the immigrant-dominated “Piazza Vittorio” neighborhood, from being converted into a Bingo Hall. The preservation strategy: Create a magnificent, ground-breaking resident orchestra of 16 musicians from 11 countries and 4 continents! As anti-immigrant activists take to the streets, decrying the “invasion” of foreigners in the Italian capital, neighborhood musician Mario Tronco and his “Apollo 11” partners struggle to pull together a functioning orchestra in time for their first public performance: Is it true there’s an Indian table player living in Corsica? Who knows a Tunisian oud player? Where does that Cuban trumpet player hang out? Can the Senegalese vocalist be persuaded to join? The unlikely success of this wildly ambitious effort is a modern fairy tale. 250 European concerts and 2 CD recordings later, the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio is still bringing its unique style of music and message of unity to audiences around the world.

The Orchestra will perform after the screening. Film director Agostino Ferrente will appear in person.


Official Website: http://www.theorchestraofthepiazzavittorio.com

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