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This unique event, sponsored by FileMaker and The Support Group of Natick, MA, will help you expand your use of FileMaker through some highly informative sessions while providing you the opportunity to interact with FileMaker users from a number of other New England colleges and universities.

Guest Speakers:
• Chad Novotny, VP Technology, The Support Group
• Julien Lafleur, Development Director, The Support Group
• Rosemary Tietge, Systems Engineer, FileMaker, Inc.
Case Studies:
• Yale University - Ed Morcaldi - "Course Catalog - Data driven publishing using FileMaker and Quark"
• Dartmouth College - "Automating the development process using FileMaker"
• University of Connecticut - John Gagne - "Block scheduling and dismissal letter generation: Registrar's Office solutions using FileMaker"


Technical Sessions:
Enterprise Integration: Chad Novotny. Chad will explore and discuss various topics surrounding FileMaker's role as a "good IT citizen" and its integration with existing enterprise systems. Subjects will include:
- Registering FileMaker Server with LDAP to ease deployment of solutions
- Using Active Directory or Open Directory domain accounts with FileMaker security
- Options for publishing to the Web using FileMaker Server
- Integrating existing web services with FileMaker Pro's Web Viewer
- Reviewing options for connecting to existing data sources

Using External SQL Sources (ESS): Julien Lafleur. Julien will discuss and demonstrate FileMaker 9’s new External SQL Sources functionality, and speak about how different organizations are implementing it. He’ll devote time to answering your specific questions on integrating with your campus’ enterprise data sources.

Using FileMaker as an Ad Hoc Reporting Engine: Rosemary Tietge. This session focuses on how to use FileMaker to turn data into actionable knowledge. Rosemary will highlight features of FileMaker Pro 9 and FileMaker Server 9 that enable fast data analysis, data driven dashboards, and real-time decision support.

Wine & Cheese Reception to follow

Cost: $129

To register, contact:
[email protected]
(866) 940-8400 x225
Questions? Contact:
Greg Lekstrom
[email protected]
(866) 940-8400 x225

Added by Erik Mallinson on April 7, 2008