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There are two types of evil in America and we have no doubt you're familiar with both.

The first kind of evil is an ignorant, bumbling kind of evil. An evil that hails from places like Cleveland, Akron, Toledo and the epicenter of the axis -- Columbus. A kind of evil that spills beer on you, burns couches, and has an IQ of -6. But -- it is the kind of evil that can be helped, if not cured.

The second kind of evil is far more dangerous -- it's the kind of evil that wants polar bears to die, writes ditties about bombing Iran, and can see Russia from its back door

In order to defeat the second, evilest kind of evil, we're going to have to pitch in and help the first. We're going to have to help paint Ohio blue on November 4th!

In 2004, Ohio swung the wrong way and gave us four more years of GWB. To ensure that doesn't happen again, we're throwing a party for Michigan alum and friends to raise money to get out the vote in all of the districts that we love to hate.

We'll have all sorts of ways for you to show your love for Obama, including a dance-off, plenty of booze, and yes, even a kissing booth (lipstick and pig optional). So pucker up and get ready to get down...we've been losing a lot this fall -- let's make sure we win on November 4th!

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Official Website: http://my.barackobama.com/page/event/detail/gpr25w

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