Guinness Close, Hackney
London, England E9

Field Day is a brand new summer event bringing together the cream of London’s alternative concert and club promoters to the East End’s greenest of gardens Victoria Park. Expect a day of incredible music, dancing and maximum hoopla set in London’s heartland. Music is the main driver but it will have all the charm of a village fete and if you don’t even catch a band you would still have a great time.

It is bought to you by London’s leaders and lovers of the leftfield: Eat Your Own Ears, Adventures In The Beetroot Field, Bugged Out!, Homefires; who have come together to bring you the most cutting edge line up of emerging bands and DJ’s. The track record of these event promoters proves that cutting edge music and wild parties are not mutually exclusive.

Field Day Stages:
Outdoor live stage / Adventures in the Beetroot Field arena / Homefires stage / Band stand / Bugged Out arena / Bloggers Delight bar

In addition to the main musical activities there will be:
- A diverse selection of food and drink
- Brass band on the Victorian Band Stand
- Coconut Shy
- Tombola
- Tea and Cake stall
- Welly throwing
- Barn dancing
- Tug of War
- Morris Dancing
- Largest Marrow competition
- Hot Breath Karaoke
- Quiz Rave
- Burlesque

The line-up so far:
- 1990s (live) - MySpace
- Absentee (live) - MySpace
- Adem (live) - MySpace
- Alberta Cross (live) - MySpace
- Andrew Weatherall - Site
- Archie Bronson Outfit (live) - MySpace
- Baseball Furies - MySpace
- Bat for Lashes (live) - MySpace
- Battles - MySpace
- Ben Trucker - MySpace
- Beyond the Wizard'S Sleeve - MySpace
- Caribou (live) - MySpace
- Casper C - MySpace
- Chromeo (live) - MySpace
- Crispin Dior - MySpace
- Duke Dumont - MySpace
- Eat Your Own Ears DJs - MySpace
- Electrelane (live) - MySpace
- El Plate - MySpace
- Erol Alkan - MySpace
- Euros Childs (live) - MySpace
- Fanfarlo (live) - MySpace
- Fence Collective (live) - MySpace
- Filthy Dukes - MySpace
- Florence and the Machine (live) - MySpace
- Foals (live) - MySpace
- Four Tet - MySpace
- Fridge (live) - MySpace
- GoodBooks (live) - MySpace
- Gruff Rhys (live) - Site
- Hannah Holland - MySpace
- James Yorkston (live) - MySpace
- Jo Jo De Freq - MySpace
- Justice (debut London live performance) - MySpace
- Kid Harpoon (live) - MySpace
- Late of the Pier (live) - MySpace
- Laura Marling (live) - MySpace
- Liars - MySpace
- Mac 3000 - MySpace
- Matthew Dear's Big Hands (live) - MySpace
- Matt Walsh - MySpace
- Matthew !WOWOW! - MySpace
- Miss Odd Kidd (live) - MySpace
- Mystery Jets - MySpace
- Nadia Ksaiba - MySpace
- Naomi// - MySpace
- Patchwork Pirates - MySpace
- Pictish Trail (live) - MySpace
- P.I.X DJs - MySpace
- Pull Tiger Tail (live) - MySpace
- Pyrrha Girls - MySpace
- Skull Juice - MySpace
- Stopmakingme - MySpace
- The Aliens - MySpace
- The Concretes (live) - MySpace
- The Earlies (live) - MySpace
- The Lovely Jonjo - MySpace
- The Strange Death of Liberal England - MySpace
- UFO DJs - MySpace
- Vetiver (live) - MySpace
- Warboy - MySpace
- White Rabbits (live) - myspace
- Yo Yo DJs - MySpace
- Young Turks - myspace
- Zombie Disco Squad - MySpace
+ More TBC!

This link has some more lineup info too:

Tickets (just over £25 including all the fees etc) from: TicketWeb Tel: 08700 600 100 & Tel: 0870 060 3777

Official Website:

Added by Mark Wheeler on May 7, 2007



The line up for this looks amazing. Value for money++


yay! welly throwing :)


If anyone missed it, some more bands have been added to the bill, including the awesome Liars. Win.

Mark Wheeler

Good point, I've updated the lineup here and included all the MySpace links this time


i saw no welly throwing or morris dancing


This was a complete rip-off. You had to queue for well over an hour to get anything including drinks, the wine ran out, the the music tents so tiny that hardly anyone could get inside, the security were lunatics. It was awful and a waste of a good opportunity and sunny day, through greedy incompetent organizers.


^ What he said.


^^What they said.
The first thing I encountered was a queue of people waiting to complain at the information booth.

Although the organisers did send round an email saying sorry for being disorganised.

(the site still says ' full travel festival info coming soon' hah!)


"all the charm of a village fete?"

great idea, terrible organisation.

^^^What they said, and very disappointed by the lack of karaoke, quiz rave, burlesque, brass band, welly throwing, morris dancing and the pathetic lack of fete type activities at all!!

Vegan food? hello??? Couldn't even leave to get some and come back in.

i still have a bad taste in my mouth from this event, and lots of groveling to do to all our friends we got to go....

where do we get our money back?

the organisers should be sued under the trades descriptions act for false advertising.


I didn't get to go but I read a post mortem for the event (here: and it sounded like it was just miserable. I can't even imagine it being enjoyable even with such an amazing lineup. Did anyone have a good time??