657 Harrison Street
San Francisco, California 94107

Saturday April 19, 2008

@ supperclub san francisco

citywide destruction is imminent!

The digital and analog shamen of Fiction enlist SF's Nikita (listed/non-fat/ the end up) to join in an epic meeting with king bass lizards known collectively as Dubzilla, a cross city creation of SF's twisted top dubstep DJs... Flail wildly to the sonic rays of techno, electro and mutant disco as your ass is shaken by subterranean bass undulations.

FICTION - techno, electro and mutant disco - dans la salle neige - main room

guest: Nikita (listed/ non-fat/ the end up)
Fiction DJs: André Lucero, Christian Schmidt and The Worker

DUBZILLA - dubstep - dans la salle privé - side room

Ripple (Full Melt)
Subtek b2b Enzyme (Grime City/ B.I.G. Crew)
Samsupa b2b Kozee (Brapdem)
Jus Wan (Narco Hz/ Apple Pips)
Cyan b2b Dashe (Lotus Root)

also - come wish Christian Schmidt and Keyatta Shade a happy birthday in a cold cold sweat!


$10 | 21+

657 Harrison Street @ 3rd
San Francisco, CA


About Fiction.

FICTION: techno, electro and mutant disco

The three incarnations of Fiction's digital and analog shamen are André Lucero, Christian Schmidt and The Worker. Every third Thursday Fiction presents itself at Vertigo on Polk Street as San Francisco's newest creature on the techno scene, with forays into electro and genetically modified variants such as stripped down electronic funk, leftfield robo-disco and gritty Krautrocking dancefloor jams. In addition to this monthly event Fiction occasionally puts together one-offs and makes appearances at clubs and events around SF. Fiction performed with Dirtybird's Claude Von Stroke and Worthy, Landshark, 40 Thieves and others at last year's return of the Polk St. Fair and brought NY's John Selway to Asia SF with Nikola Baytala supporting. Various forms of Fiction have been playing events such as Black Market Techno, Killswitch, Kontrol, underground parties at 58 Tehama and one offs at 111 Minna and supperclub.


Fiction's monthly at Vertigo will be happening on Thurs. April 17th - two days before the supperclub event.
All shows at Vertigo are free and run 10-2am - 21+

Official Website: http://supperclub.com

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