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James Watson discovered the DNA molecule with Francis Crick in 1953 – a discovery which shook the world of science, revolutionising the study of biology and genetics, making possible the recombinant DNA techniques used by today’s biotechnology industry. Since then, he has continued his work in molecular biology at Cambridge and Harvard and as Director of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long
Island, making it the world centre for international genetic research. In 1989 he became Director of the Human Genome Project where he spent five years. Watson shared the 1962 Nobel Prize with Crick and six years later wrote the story of the discovery in The Double Helix, one of his many international bestsellers.

In his new book, Avoid Boring People, James Watson looks back on his extraordinary and varied career – from its beginnings as a schoolboy in Chicago’s South Side to the day he left Harvard 50 years later, world-renowned as the co-discoverer of DNA – and considers the lessons he has learnt along the way. The result is both an engaging and original memoir and an insightful compendium of lessons in life for aspiring scientists.

Honest and uncompromising, committed to the truth, a scientific genius, this is a session not to be missed – a rare opportunity to meet one of the greatest scientists of the twentieth century.

£15.00 (full) £12.50 concessions. Fee includes attendance at the event and a copy of James’s new book, Avoid Boring People, and other lessons from a life in science (RRP £14.95).

Book in person at Watershed Media Centre or telephone 0117 9275100 (credit cards taken)

Official Website: http://www.ideasfestival.co.uk/

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