1400 Lake Drive
Eugene, Oregon

Come have a great time and learn about ferrets! Fun and games for ferrets and fun for you too! We will have games for the ferrets to play, silent auction items for ferrets and for other pets, and much more!

The Ferret Agility Trials features games for ferrets like the Paper Bag Escape, the Yawning Contest, the Strongest Ferret and the Tube Run where you can watch a ferrets run the length of a 25 foot clear dryer hose tube as fast as they can!

A $3.00 donation for each ferret to enter is requested. Each ferret entered will also receive 6 tickets to use to play games, enter raffles, and for owners to play carnival games!

Yes, there will also be Carnival Games this year for more fun!

For more information, please email [email protected] or call Lane Area Ferret Shelter and Rescue at (541) 484-1090.

Official Website: http://www.laneferrets.org

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Finally something for Ferrets been looking forward to something like this in forever