San Francisco, California

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Call for Workshops, Papers, Performance, and Art
Femme2006: Conversations & Explorations
San Francisco, California
August 11th - 13th, 2006

Femme2006: Conversations & Explorations is a multi-threaded conference happening in San Francisco, CA on August 11th-13th, 2006. It will be a forum for people who've been thinking about Femme as gender, as identity, as a queer and queered space. We hope to gather community members, artists, academics, homemakers, geeks, techies, activists, and femmes of all kinds together to participate in this three day conference and community event, both as presenters and participants. We are invested in having presentations, workshops, and the conference as a whole reflect the diversity and complexity of femme-ness and femmes, and we particularly encourage proposals by and for people of color, working-class people, fat folks, and people with disabilities.

We hope for this conference to be a community building event, as well as a complex conversation. Submissions of all kinds are welcome, particularly submissions by femmes. We encourage submissions that work outside or alongside identity, as well as those reflecting on
identity and gender.

Femme2006: Conversations & Explorations will be a community event representing and engaging in some of the multiplicity of femme gender, lives, identities, and perspectives. In particular, we hope that the intersections of femme with race, region, class, access, ability and other identities will be talked about, considered,
meditated upon, expressed, and explored. We began this project out of a desire to see femme examined and discussed from a variety of
perspectives and with attention to the specificity of femme identities, as well as a strong desire to build femme connections across differences and identity. In many of our communities, we've experienced a proliferation of spaces for queer femininities, queer masculinities, heterosexual queers, and other identities in recent years. We have supported and continue to believe in the importance of such spaces. However, we wanted to create a conference that held as its central focus Queer Femme, in all its multiplicities and differences, and wanted to create a conference that held community building at its core. We're committed to having these discussions of femme take place with an awareness of intersections between femme, gender, race, class, body, ability, and privilege.

We hope to draw participants from across disciplinary, medium, and social boundaries. We encourage submissions from anyone interested, regardless of gender or sexual identity. We do ask that you read our mission statement before submitting.

We are are soliciting contributions from anyone interested, including
(but not limited to):
research presentations
activist & organizational topics
visual art
video or film

Submission deadline is February 1, 2006
To submit a proposal, please submit the following to us at

*For research presentations, send a 300 word abstract
*For workshop and skillshare proposals, send a 300 word description of your workshop or skillshare ideas
*Visual artists should send samples of work and a 300 word description of their artistic vision
*Performers, filmmakers and other creative artists should contact us for more information

To learn more about us, our mission and to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns, please find us at our website:

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