Oosterdokskade 5
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

In all the buzz around social network portability, this one-day workshop will explore how social network services and Content Management Services can work together in a so-called federation. With a few presentation setting the stage in the morning, the rest of the day we will discuss the different protocols, formats and agreements needed to make such a federation possible.

Topics touched upon include:

* Aggregration of people, their profile information and works on other services.
* Migration and consolidation of people and their works.
* The ability to form relationships between people and works across services.
* Timely and efficient notification of changes.
* Distributed search.

Technologies that are likely to play a role include: Atom, the Atom Publishing Protocol, XMPP and in particular the XMPP publish-subscribe extensions, OpenID, OAuth, and more detailed descriptions of people and works using RDF, FOAF, vCard, microformats.

Live coverage at http://jaiku.com/channel/fsn.

Official Website: http://www.mediamatic.net/artefact-26258-en.html

Added by ralphm on November 29, 2007


Marc W

This will be a great day when you are "in to" social networks! Looking forward to being there.


I'd really like to attend, but on a Weekend? Phruptt!

Sneaker Peet

Very interesting :-)


I'd like to drop by, with at least one colleague (maybe two). Thanks!


great initiative! To bad i will be doing sinterklaas with the family units. I hope they wont mind me checking the feeds every 10 minutes 8-)


Very Interesting.


damn I total missed it, even the borrel, well gotta try harder next time to make these things.