2516 Mission Street
San Francisco, California 94110

Monthly meeting of San Francisco Flickr users. Meet other Flickr fans, socialize, and show off your latest work or camera gear.

This is an extra special meeting we will have two Special Guest Stars(tm):

    Emily Ann will be joining us from the East Coast. She is lots of fun, was part of Striatic Across America (see photos ), and even has one of my goats.
    Norby hails from New Mexico and is part of the Yahoo-Flickr team. Norby is always a lot of fun when he visits. He last visited our merry group in August when he was a big part of our August photo stroll (see his photos of that event).
All are invited!

Added by pinhole on February 6, 2006


Planet Vicster

/me hopes to finish that blasted history essay tonight so there'll be time to play this week! (tappity tappity tap tap tappity)


my last sflickr event...


See you there!!!