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First presentation: Jessica Enders, Formulate Information Design
Topic 1: Zebra striping: the mouse that roared

In 2008, Jessica conducted research into the efficacy of zebra striping, which is the faint shading of alternate rows of tabular data. It was meant to be a straightforward experiment to arm web developers with some statistics to support their design decisions.

Instead, the research yielded some rather unexpected findings, garnered a surprising amount of interest and triggered some very "enthusiastic" responses. Come hear what all the fuss was about, and what the implications are--both big and small--for the web community.

Jessica Enders is Principal of Formulate Information Design, a business specialising in the design of electronic and paper-based forms. Jessica's employment history includes 5 years as a survey methodologist at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 5 years as a survey designer for private research agency Colmar Brunton Social Research and almost 2 years as an interaction designer at Australia's premier user-centred design firm, The Hiser Group.

Jessica provides her clients with a holisitic service, advising on all elements of the form including graphic design, language, psychological & sociological influences, technical aspects and usability. When it comes to presentations, Jessica aims to make these (often complex) ideas accessible, relevant and timely.
Second presentation: Donna Spencer, Maadmob
Topic 2: Involving Users: Why is it so hard to do the right thing?

Why is user involvement in projects the exception rather than the rule, despite the fact we know it is the 'right' thing to do? Taking a practical standpoint and without the boring and irrelevant theory, this presentation discusses the role of user involvement in web projects covering:

* What types of projects need (and do not need) to involve users
* Determine the value of involving users or the risks of not involving them
* Methods and techniques appropriate for different situations
* Low-contact, quick methods you can use to learn about users with little effort
* Tips to help other people understand the value of user involvement

Donna Spencer is a freelance information architect, mentor, writer and trainer. She has 9 years experience working in-house and as a consultant doing strategic and tactical design. She has designed large intranets & websites, e-commerce & search systems, business applications, design patterns and a CMS.

Donna is an experienced speaker who has taught workshops and presented sessions at local and international conferences, on information architecture, interaction design and whatever else crosses her mind. She spends her (little) remaining time doing IA community work and writing a book on card sorting. Sometimes she even gets time to weave, sew and garden.
Our sponsor

The February Canberra WIPA/WSG meeting is proudly sponsored by Formulate Information Design.

Formulate Information Design specialises in design, advice, research and training for forms, applications, surveys and questionnaires. They have experience and expertise with both paper and electronic forms, including web and desktop.

As part of their aim to "rid the world of poorly designed forms", Formulate works with all industries and all types of organisations (public, private and not-for-profit). They offer a full service

covering all aspects of a form's design, from the way questions are worded and sequenced, to the form's layout and the surrounding business process. For more information about Formulate Information Design, visit

Official Website:

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