55 John Street
Toronto, Ontario

Lazybones? Shy Tree-Hugger? The Toronto Tree Tours NEEDS you . . . .

Come May 2007, Toronto Tree Tours will officially launch its tree tour program with a spiffy, innovative, fun, interactive community web-site, a tree-celebration for our town unlike anything happening anywhere else right now in Toronto.

The site will be a community-driven scrapbook and discussion-board of our trees. The site will record each tour of a Toronto neighborhood's trees as part of the story of the overall urban forest canopy. Each tour represented on the site may be curated to include the work of artists while also detailing the efforts of local activists and community residents in stewarding their community's environmental health. We need volunteers to help research and write these tours as well as to photograph the stops on our walks.

The site has a heavy graphic feel and we will represent the work of the best local culture makers, making up a living database of Toronto's trees.

In addition to tree tours we are involved in throwing tree festivals and parties. We are on the look out for interesting performers, bands, artists and community-builders who want to help us celebrate, especially where a performance or installation might help educate on issues pertaining to our urban forest canopy.

Thus we are seeking energetic, savvy, creative individuals to volunteer their talents: writers, researchers, photo-bloggers, graphic designers, artists, video-makers, clowns, puppeteers, jugglers, magicians, activists, bands, activity-organizers, performers, bush party socialites, movers, shakers, draw-ers both amateur and professional to lend their efforts into making this festive community arboreal event a collaboration utmostly to-die-for!!!

Any of you who've been mulling about getting out of the gallery or out from under your desk and into your broader environment this sure would be a grand opportunity! We also would like to hear your ideas.

Interested individuals are invited to attend a community meeting on Feb. 26th at 6:00pm in at Metro Hall, 55 John St. Room #302 .

Please email Ryan Kamstra at [email protected] or telephone 416-413-9244 to confirm your participation.

The Toronto Tree Tours is a not-for-profit collaborative led by Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests ( www.leaftoronto.org) and the Toronto Public Space Committee ( www.publicspace.ca).

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