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Rarely can a musical artist claim to be a true innovator, a creator of their own genre, a revolutionary amongst a sea of sameness. Having invented the “cyber metal” sound, Fear Factory is one of those rare cases.

Formed in Los Angeles in 1990, Fear Factory entered the metal scene with a crushing debut with 1992’s Soul Of A New Machine. Combining death metal with an industrial influence, the original lineup of vocalist Burton C. Bell, drummer Raymond Herrera, guitarist Dino Cazares and bassist Andrew Shives was onto something that had not been widely explored. Even Fear Factory’s earliest sound was immediately distinguishable by Herrera’s intense machine-like drumming and Bell’s tremendous dual vocal style, which seemed to effortlessly switch between animalistic growls and clear, operatic tones. Fear Factory had set a new standard in extreme music, a standard they would continue to bear to this very day.


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