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// Double Feature

Fear and Desire is Kubrick’s rarely seen debut feature, a low-budget narrative that recalls, in its striking visual sense, the director’s experience as a photojournalist for Look magazine.

Photographed and cowritten by Kubrick, the film follows four young G.I.s sent to fight in a war with an unidentified country, an ambitious Cold War allegory tapping into the militaristic insecurities of the early 1950s. With Frank Silvera, Paul Mazursky, and Virginia Leith. (68 mins., 35mm)

A raucous look at juvenile delinquent subcultures amped up to psychotic proportions, A Clockwork Orange is Kubrick’s X-rated (and until recently, banned in Britain) interpretation of Anthony Burgess’s dystopic novel. Set in a near-future, complete with its own slangy vernacular, it’s a fiercely visualized commentary on the state’s relentless policing of anarchic impulses. With Malcom McDowell and Patrick Magee. (136 mins., 35mm)

Print of Fear and Desire provided by the George Eastman House.

Second film begins at 8:15 PM.

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