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Course Description:

During this course:

- We will provide detailed information on FDA's authority and the requirements for FDA regulated products
- We will review the proper forms (FDA and CPB) and learn how to complete them
- We will do mock filings for FDA products to test our ability to prepare the entries correctly

Note: Participants will need internet access via a personal communicating device, preferably a lap top computer
Navigating FDA’s requirements in order to successfully import FDA regulated products is important for any company that relies on sales revenue from foreign made products regulated by FDA. In order to assure that the imported product does not get detained or refused entry the importer should be fully informed of FDA requirements for foods, medicines, medical devices, cosmetics, and radiation emitting devices. In addition there are requirements for general importation enforced by the Customs and Border Protection (CPB) section of the Department of Homeland Security.

What can happen if you are not familiar with FDA and/or CPB requirements? You may find that you have purchased a large amount of a foreign made FDA product, which do not meet FDA’s requirements. FDA may refuse entry, or you may incur a long delay in the importation, both of which can be very costly for the importer.

Official Website: http://www.complianceonline.com/ecommerce/control/seminar?product_id=80094SEM&?channel=yahooevent

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