Ondinakade, NDSM werf
amsterdam-noord, Noord-Holland

1969: Founding of "Faust" in Hamburg
" There is no band more mysterious than "Faust" (Julian Cope, 1996)

To talk about Faust is to talk about one of the most influential formations in avant-gardist music of the last forty years. Revolutionary explorers of chaos and sonorous collage, transgressors of all labels, Faust has always been an immense centrifuge of recycled "information" which is after expulsed in the form of surreal audio, completely different to everything: Stockhausen, Velvet Underground, dadaism, free jazz, technology, Frank Zappa, concrete music, Tony Conrad, deconstruction rock, Sun Ra, La Monte Young, electroindustrialism... and now in 2004 even hip-hop...
everything, absolutely everything, digested and broken down by a free and anarchist creativity, expansive to infinity in the objective of constructing sonic tissues, audiocollages, which have influenced the experimental and electronic music of the last decades.
An extensive need to explore characterises various of the more outstanding names of German music during the seventies (the movement was baptized as the Krautrock in accordance precisely with a theme of Faust that carries the same title), which was headed - apart from Kraftwerk - by three notorious and completely unique bands: Can, Neu! and Faust. Groups with completely different styles but who shared a common attitude of transgression, experimentation and creative freedom, Faust being by far the most radical regarding intentions and sonic results, leaving behind a legacy which has inspired the following generations of unconformist musicians and no-musicians coming from punk, rock, electronic, industrial music or noisy improvisation: Throbbing Gristle, PIL, Swell Maps, Wire, The Fall, Cabaret Voltaire, Julian Cope, Sonic Youth, Half Japanese, Jim O'Rourke, Spacemen 3, Loop, Pavement, Stereolab, Tortoise, Cul De Sac, Kreidler, To Rococo Rot, etc,
When Faust reformed in the Nineties, they picked up where they left off, spraying off at improvisational tangents, rumbling and riffing with all the natural, torrential force of an underground river of bass. It�s as if the energy of Faust has always been with us, even when they personally were not. This was most in evidence on 1994`s �Rien� (produced by Jim O'Rourke). Some side projects, like the first DVD �Impressions� realized by Zappi Diermaier happened
but now we are going into a new decade.
The new Faust era: After an England tour in 2005, they met each other in spring 2006 in an old wind mill in south France to perform the first �unplayable� Faust album �Why don`t you eat carrots?� (with american guest Keef Rob). After a ten days session, Faust is performing many experimental, multimedial festivals in Lyon, Paris, Bodoe (Norway), Milano and, last not least, their very own Avantgardefestival in Schiphorst near Hamburg. In August 2006, the founder members Zappi Diermaier and Jean Herv� Peron plus new member (from Ulan Bator) Amaury Camuzat were playing trio sessions (forth member Olivier Manchion, takes a break.. he is pregnant now) at the studio of highly reputated producer Tobias Levin in Hamburg. Ten new basic songs for the first really new Faust-album since 1996!
The incredible saga of Faust continues. With the new album, to be released in 2007, they will play the USA and other countries. The exciting future of Faust will be an experimental way of live performances: video performances at cinemas, minimal sets and brachial concerts with bulldozers and and and�

Official Website: http://stubnitz.org

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