371 11th St. (2nd floor)
San Francisco, California 94103

Fast Forward / Rewind is a group installation
exhibition featuring a medley of mediums from sewn
paper to live radio transmission, psychadelic painted
landscapes and multi channel video. The show draws
conceptually upon the themes of time and technology,
from obsolete prophecies of the future to a fluid
fictional archeology. Based on a show that was
exhibited in New York in the Fall of 2006, seven
artists from east and west coasts play with spatial
and temporal planes for the Gray
Area Gallery.

The opening will feature live musical stylings of
Official Tourist and the cacophonous sounds of San
Francisco's own The Mall!

The installations include but are not limited to: a
mixed media collage of the life of a young girl named
Francis that never was, a decade of images collaged
within a giant photogram of palmistry cut into 140 postcards
sent from coast tocoast, a multi-channel, interactive video
installation inspiredby the myth of Sisyphus, an homage to
ancient architecture constructed out of cassette tapes, an
interactive time capsule that all attendees are
encouraged to contribute to for retrieval in 2027

Artist Information:
"There is only one way left to escape the alienation of
present day society: to retreat ahead of it."
-Roland Barthes

Official Website: http://www.GrayAreaGallery.com

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