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Chinese Culture Center Cinema (C4) is pleased to present a special installment of our current film festival. Alongside our screening of Farming the Seas, we are holding a workshop to discuss and learn about the issues facing seafood resources and their relevance to us as individuals and as a community.

Ocean fisheries have been depleted by more than 90% over the past century due to over harvesting by humans, and the loss of resources from aquatic ecosystems endangers cultures that utilize those resources for food and traditions. For the Chinese American community, the idea of maintaining sea resources in an environmentally sustainable matter is practical. Seafood plays a vital role in the cultural food of Chinese American diets, as most family gatherings will contain a fish dish. Chinese culture emphasizes prosperity for future generations, but this is only possible if resources are managed responsibly.

The workshop includes a partial screening of Farming the Seas, a panel discussion, and tips on how to make conscious consumption choices as an individual. Free magazines, recipes, handouts, and light refreshments will be provided. All are welcome, though material is suitable for a more mature audience (highschool and older).

About the Film:
Farming the Seas (2004) English/ No Subtitles
Aquaculture was intended to take the pressure off ocean fish stocks and help avert a global food shortage, but many experts now believe that some forms of "fish farming" are actually creating more problems than they're solving. This film journeys around the world documenting the most important stories as they unfold. From the indigenous tribes of British Columbia to the large-scale operations of multinational corporations, from Mediterranean fishermen to Thai shrimp farmers, Farming the Seas gathers perspectives from around the globe as it examines the problems and the promises of this emerging industry.

To RSVP for this event, please visit http://consciousconsumption.eventbrite.com/

Official Website: http://www.c-c-c.org/programs/c4

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