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Groove with your grandma, shake it with your sis, rock-out with your relatives!

The second Bunch Family Dance Party drops on Saturday, March 25!

"a monthly bash that hits the right cool quotients for parents without cutting kids out of the equation"- The Globe and Mail, January 28, 2006

Bunch announces that the second Bunch Family Dance Party, a Saturday afternoon bash where kids and parents shake it side-by-side, will take place on March 25th from 12:30-5PM at The Drake Hotel. Parents formerly accustomed to raving, grooving or rocking out were able to bring their kids to this unique family experience when it debuted last month to a sold-out crowd. Each party features a DJ spinning kid-friendly funk, disco, soul and boogie. Families are invited to grab instruments and help make some noise. There's also a costume bin, gourmet food for all ages, juice and milk bars, high-chairs, a diaper changing station, valet stroller parking, and dancing, and (one more ti me) a whole bunch of dancing! Family Dance Party is the hot party for families. It's an on-going, see and be seen event taking place the last Saturday of every month.

As well, Family Dance Party is a community event that brings parents together with their kids, parents together with other parents, kids together with kids and everyone together on the dance floor. It is an alternative to the commercialized, pre-packaged world of traditional family entertainment. "Separating parents' and kids' worlds into totally distinct spheres is unhealthy. A much better situation is one where you've got parents interacting with kids, parents interacting with other parents, and kids interacting with other kids. Then you're encouraging the growth of a community, which is good for everybody," says Rebecca Brown, one of the three parents behind Bunch Family Dance Party.

The host of this month's party is Second City alumnus and TV personality Nicole Stamp. DJ Doctor Baggie, whose other regular gigs include the glam rock extravaganza Calling All Dandys and the cult Prince party Purple Electricity, will provide the tunes. Yo-yo and contortion tricks will come courtesy of Aidan Orange, who recently freaked out Natalie Portman on David Letterman.

Family Dance Party is the brain-child of Bunch - a local, parent-run company that is being hailed as an innovator in the family entertainment scene, rapidly gaining fans across the age spectrum, delighting kids while reassuring parents that their lives aren't over. Parents need never fear that a goofy purple dinosaur will force them into a sing-a-long at a Bunch party. Bunch events are sophisticated and fun and are designed with the cosmopolitan family in mind. Bunch is in stealth mode in regards to their future activity but will be announcing a sister event to Family Dance Party soon.

The second Family Dance Party touches down on Saturday, March 25th from12:30-5 PM at The Drake Hotel located at 1150 Queen Street West. Admission is ten dollars for grown-ups, five dollars for kids and free for babes-in-arms. Contact [email protected] for more information and bring your bunch!

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