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Family Abuse - Legal Aspects
K. Leigh Taylor, Attorney at Law, The Susan Hick s Group

Domestic violence (also known by some as family abuse) presents unique issues to individuals who are going through legal processes. Come to this informative workshop to learn more about your rights within the judicial system, the process of and requirements for obtaining a protective order, and other legal issues in domestic violence cases.

Family Abuse – What Is It and What Can You Do About It?
Meredith Kerley, MSW, The Women’s Center Therapist and Domestic Violence System Advocate and Educator

What does family abuse look like? Could it be happening to you or someone you know? What stops those who experience family abuse from getting the help they need? What are the barriers to getting help? Why is it so difficult to understand, identify, and even harder to stop? If any of these questions have crossed your mind, join us for a session that will help you identify and learn how to most effectively deal with the pattern of coercive behaviors associated with family abuse, including (but not limited to) physical and sexual violence, threats of violence, emotional and psychological intimidation, verbal abuse, economic and financial control, spiritual abuse, and destruction of property.

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