34 Seventh St
San Francisco, California 94103

with special guest Yiying Lu - creator of the FailWhale!

It's time for a FAILout package of our own!

Stop crying in the ashes of your 401k statement and join FailWhale creator Yiying Lu and the rest of the FAILparty crew for a night of drinking and dancing that is "guaranteed" to get the economy back on track.

John Adams (@netik) has agreed to reprise his role as DJ extraordinaire and we're working to have some FAILtastic drink specials!

Added by ChadScott on February 5, 2009



what happens if the FAILparty is a success?


That would make it a case of successful exception handling.


Stickers will be available for corporations showing appropriate ID and payment at the door.

"Don't click" pasties encouraged.

I will appear as His Holiness The Dalai Lama. Because after the fail comes reincarnation.


See you all tonight - Orange will be covering it so look for pix later!~


nick - yep, it's free, FTW! wait, that's not a FAIL... damn.