32 Strawberry St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106

Share your fail.

This isn't about finger pointing. It's about having a safe place to admit YOUR mess - ups, small and large and most importantly, what you learned.

We all make mistakes. The best of us learn from them. The best of the best help others learn from their mistakes.

These can be business failures. These can be life failures.

We want your fail.

This may or may not be at IndyHall, but that's our homebase for now.

This event is a product of some very good friends of IndyHall, including Amy Hoy and Patrick Ewing.

This event was inspired by the idea of a LoserCamp.

Official Website: http://failcamp.org/

Added by indyhall on June 17, 2008



Awesome. I love that this is at a coworking space. w00t!


This is a great idea.


Wow, awesome idea ... I might have to come up for this!


very much looking forward to this.


First FAIL fixed: added to BarCamp wiki. ;-)


Thanks Raines!!


One difference between East Coast and West Coast startup communities is that West Coast accepts that if someone tries, fails, and learns from it, he or she is smarter, and more experienced, and more likely to succeed in the future. This makes him or her a good candidate (better than an inexperienced first-timer) to support and fund to try again. The idea that failure isn't a big deal, as long as you learn from it, plus that we can help each other learn, is a very pro-growth and definitely worth spreading.


We're trying to break down the east coast/west coast notions like what you described! Clearly, people in one region aren't smarter than others, we're embracing failure and, agreed, spreading it for the sake of being pro-growth!


i have a friend in town this w/e and some other obligations so i cannot attend, but have a great day. i am really looking forward to hearing all of great tales of FAIL!