200 N. Main Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

This event is a celebration of the 225th Birthday of Los Angeles.
It is free to the public, Monday through Friday 8am -5pm. Please bring a valid photo id.

True Stories of the People of L.A.

Faces of Sunset Boulevard is a captivating photo-documentary project which commemorates the 225th founding of Los Angeles. Using Sunset Boulevard as the focal point, the project combines vivid portraits and revealing interviews with people in relation to the famous boulevard. Images include the mayor, who holds a red balloon as a symbol of his hope for the city, the chief of police with a helicopter silhouetted against the sun behind him, as well as Hollywood celebrities, working people, families, the homeless, and many others. Working from the center of the city to the ocean, and traveling through nine distinct neighborhoods, this collection captures the diverse range of people who live, work, and play in L.A.

Official Website: http://www.facesofsunset.com

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